The project consortium consisting of INESC-MN (project coordinator, research), BOGEN-Magnetics (SME), INSPECTRON (SME) and RLS (industry) will bring the novel identification solution for track & trace, anti-counterfeiting and product verification to market.

BOGEN has developed with INESC-MN a new technology to read magnetic ink with TMR sensing technology. Combining these approaches results in a disruption for the identification and authentication/anti-counterfeiting markets with Mag-ID, the magnetic readable barcode based on ink.

INSPECTRON are experts in secure print tracking solutions, working with governments and banks. Their patented MagVision solution currently reads mangnetic ink through paper and plastic.

RLS joined the consortium on October 1, 2020 to strengthen its activities in the field of magnetic pattern printing and to support the qualification of TMR sensors compared to competitive sensors. RLS will propose a hardware, firmware and software architecture for a compact barcode reading device based on the designed and measured TMR arrays.