Inspectron’s marking and tracking technology featured in the fight against plastic waste

Inspectron introduced MagID, its new marking and tracking technology to help fight plastic waste, at the Global Research and Innovation in Plastics Sustainability (GRIPS) conference. This international conference, which took place from 16-18 March 2021, was the first of a bi-annual event which celebrates the achievements in plastics sustainability and aims to drive it forward.

Inspectron’s Head of Innovation, Nathalie Muller joined over 100 speakers on the programme. Nathalie delivered a presentation in the “Smart Technologies: Tracking, Marking and AI” and shared how MagID can be used to add barcodes to labels or packaging, which can be covered up, but remain readable. MagID is not only a cost-effective alternative to NFC technology, but also has much less environmental impact. Nathalie focused on the growing interest around reusable and refillable packaging and how MagID can help measure and manage the impact on plastic waste.

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