MagVision introduced MagID Marking Solution at AIPIA Digitalisation in Packaging

New start-up MagVision has presented MagID, the patented marking technology, at the AIPIA Digitalisation in Packaging Congress (online) on 16 November 2021.

MagVision’s Head of Innovation, Nathalie Muller led a session entitled “Protect and track your brand with MagID”. MagID is a new marking technology for brand packaging which sits between RFID and visual codes. Nathalie has shown how covert, serialised codes can easily be applied to brand packaging, providing every item with a unique, hidden identity for tagging and tracing.

Inspectron’s marking and tracking technology featured in the fight against plastic waste

Inspectron introduced MagID, its new marking and tracking technology to help fight plastic waste, at the Global Research and Innovation in Plastics Sustainability (GRIPS) conference. This international conference, which took place from 16-18 March 2021, was the first of a bi-annual event which celebrates the achievements in plastics sustainability and aims to drive it forward.

Inspectron’s Head of Innovation, Nathalie Muller joined over 100 speakers on the programme. Nathalie delivered a presentation in the “Smart Technologies: Tracking, Marking and AI” and shared how MagID can be used to add barcodes to labels or packaging, which can be covered up, but remain readable. MagID is not only a cost-effective alternative to NFC technology, but also has much less environmental impact. Nathalie focused on the growing interest around reusable and refillable packaging and how MagID can help measure and manage the impact on plastic waste.

Video “Track & Trace with MagID”

MagID is an advanced track&trace system which uses state-of-the art magnetic sensor technology. Dubbed “chip-less NFC”, but at a fraction of the cost, MagID enables high-volume covert markings to be applied on the inside of packaging or under labels which are still readable.

By scanning an item with a MagID reader, brand owners can gain real-time data on a product’s progress through the supply chain. MagID can also be used to authenticate items, to help combat the growing problem of counterfeit or grey-market products.

See our new video here.

MagID project flyer available now

Communication activities are key to promote the MagID project and its progress, acknowledging the support of the EC and contribute to general awareness of the Horizon 2020 programme and the Fast Track to Innovation programme from the European Innovation Council.

After the MagID logo and the website had been designed, the project leaflet is now available.

With the project flyer, we want to inform the general public, SMEs and large companies, academia, public and private entities (associations, clusters, municipalities, government bodies, etc.), consortia of other projects (H2020 and other European, national and regional programmes) about the project and its setup as well as the objectives.

Key characteristics of the project leaflet are:

  • clean and friendly style,
  • classic design as a leporello,
  • small size.

Our logo presents our magnetic identification theme. With the typical green and red colors for magnetism in the graphics and a simple grey font, we underline our clean and international style.

Please download your copy of the flyer here.

BOGEN presenting MagID at Innomag

BOGEN managing director Dr. Torsten Becker presented at the last meeting of the German Industry Association Innomag (Innovation Platform Magnetic Microsystems) the EU funding opportunities EIC Accelerator and Fast Track to Industry. He introduced the EU project MagID and presented the objectives and preliminary results. The group held an extensive discussion on the key topics and many participants voiced interest in receiving further information on the results. 

Consortium kick-off Aug 22nd, 2019

The MagID Consortium met at BOGEN in Berlin to agree the key activities in the project. The MagID project team from BOGEN in Berlin, the INSPECTRON project team  from UK and the key project people from INESC-MN in Portugal met at the BOGEN premises. The consortium agreed the common approach to working together and discussed and agreed key targets for the project. Experience with the products were shared between the partners. Deep technical discussions about the technologies to be used and key technical considerations were exchanged. Detailed discussions between the partners helped to understand different viewpoints and back ground experiences. 

The consortium is very optimistic about reaching the project objectives. The project consortium reviewed the work plan and agreed meeting dates for the next months. Everyone traveled home with a lot of good impressions.

Project kick-off Aug 1st & 2nd, 2019 at BOGEN

The new members of the project team met for their first project meeting offsite at an innovation center in Berlin. They were accompanied by several technical managers and the managing director of BOGEN. With a discussion on agile processes and customer development processes, the team got a deep introduction into the planned approaches. First ideation exercises and a tour of the innovation facility helped to get the team ready for key innovation steps in the project.

On the second day, the team discussed the technical challenges in detail and started to organize the work for the next weeks. The team is very excited about the project and the objectives. BOGEN is very happen, that it can participate in this crucial project.